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Pizzaman Workers Imprisonéd 5 Years for ‘Allegedly’ Stéaling 25 Cartons of Chicken & Vegetables

It is in the news that two workers of “Pizzaman Restaurant” have been jailéd for stéaling boxes of Chicken and some amount of vegetables. This was reported by Ace Radio and Tv Presenter Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey Santana, popularly known as “Abeiku Santana” on air on his show on Okay FM 101.7.

According to Abeiku Santana it is unfair to arrest the workers who are also young people trying to feed themselves or make ends meet, he said in the video “Two Pizzaman workers have been jailéd for 5 years, 5 years for allegedly stéaling chicken wings boxes 20 and some vegetable cooking Oil, and this Pizzaman parades himself as a youth leader and so on and so forth” He further explains that it makes no sense for the owner of Pizzaman to jàil these workers, instead he should deduct it from their salaries until they finish paying.

Watch video below:



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