The famous Accra Fashion Week sets its 2023 dates


The fashion industry is getting better as the days goes by and without doubt, it has boosted the creative industry for their needed recognition. The Accra fashion is once again hosting its annual fashion festival with a historic decade of organization. It is the moment the world has been waiting for! The fashion week will commence on the 13th of December and ends on the 17th December, 2023
in Ghana.

What is about Accra Fashion week?
It is a multi-Award Winning platform that gives designers their recognition in the creative industry and this time , the show will be hosting designers from multiple countries such as Brazil, Columbia, USA, Tanzania, Seychelles, Nigeria, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, French and Canada. Our news outlet believes that many countries will be added during the roll out to the event. Visit their website for more information about
*Vive l’Afrique


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