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Trotro Fares to be reduced by 10%: See press release

The Ghana Road Transport Operators has announced the reduction of transport fares by 10% which will take effect on Wednesday, May 17 2023.

According to the Association, this reduction is due to the recent reduction in the fuel and petroleum product price reduction. They further stated it is good they implement this.

The press release stated “In line with the Administrative Arrangement on Public Transport Fares, the Road Transport Operators have reduced public transport fares by 10% to accommodate for the reductions in the prices of petroleum products observed over the period”

It further said the fares cover the following types of Road Transport Operation:

  1. Shared Taxis
  2. Intra-City (trtro)
  3. Intercity (Long Distance)
  4. Haulage

They further advised Commercial Transport Operators to comply with the new fares and post same at their loading terminals.

Our question is, how long will this reduction be stable? or are we just seeing this for a short period and perhaps after the elections the prices will spike up again? Let us know what you think in the comment section. Don’t forget to check out our latest’s posts and follow us on all social media platforms and be informed first.



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