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Mtn Zone bundle has been suspended

Scancom PLC (MTN GHANA) has in a press release on Wednesday April 12, 2023 stated that the famous “Mtn Zone Bundle” has been suspended effective April 5, 2023.

The network providers apologized to their users “to our cherished customers for limiting our communications on this matter to service activation channels only.” They further explained that “The suspension of the innovative Data Zone Bundle is due to a review of the bundle offer in line with the. Significant Market Power (SMP) directives applied to MTN Ghana in June 2020, not to be the lowest priced on any offer in the industry”

To those who are not fully aware of Data MTN zone bundle, it is an innovation by MTN Ghana that gives customers a 1-Day validity bundle at discounted rates at the point of purchase. Subscription is through the Short code 135.

MTN Ghana therefore urges it’s users to stick with them and that “they are engaging and collaborating with the Regulator, as they seek alignment on the revised data Zone Bundle to be reinstated as soon as possible”

Find the press release here



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